Unique, authentic games are most interesting for the market. Basing on our experience we believe, it’s more profitable to create applications from good concepts, excluding mistakes of potential competitors. To see the application as a whole thing and apply best well-matched mechanics is the key to success.

We are ready to provide a complete application development turn-key, or partly contribute to the development: game design, producing.

There are 3 main directions: game design (concept developing, creating list of requirements, mocks drawing, balancing). Producing (team management, control, application support formation, community, producing and managing advertising campaign), and game developing from the scratch

Every year ways of promotion seriously change. We try to keep abreast and move with the times in the game promotion sphere.

We are able to work with a huge range of genres. We created: casual match3, mid-core RPG, mid-core World War II game, football manager, hard-core fantasy strategy.